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Registered customers are entitled to free upgrades and technical support during one year from the date of purchase. It means that during one year you can get the latest versions of the software from our site. To get it send a request by email to support@kadmy.com. Do not forget to include your registration name and receipt number

If you purchased the software more than one year ago, you are no longer entitled to free upgrade; however, you can purchase an upgrade to the latest version and/or extend your technical support term for another year at a discounted price, and this upgrade will allow you to have free upgrades for another year.

If you don't want to purchase an upgrade, you can use the program forever; it will never expire, but you won't be able to use the latest version.

Important: These upgrades are for existing customers only.If we don't find your name in the customer database, we'll have to cancel the order.

Please ensure the email address you provide is valid as that is where your registration details will be sent to.

Upgrade to the latest version and get another year of technical support

Upgrade Mail Them Pro 39.95 USD  


Upgrade Process Them 49.95 USD  




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