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"The response rate to text-only e-mail marketing is about 3 percent to 4 percent while the response for HTML marketing is around 12 percent to 15 percent"

Researched by New York based Morgan Stanley Dean Winter& Co.

About HTML E-mail

HTML is a language used to create Web pages. To create your own HTML message you can use an HTML editor. If you don't have already a favourite HTML editor you can try free HTML WYSIWYG editor Nvu. It's very easy to use and you don't need any HTML knowledge. Press here to download free HTML editor Nvu.

If you are looking at a Web page in your browser, you can choose View/Source from your browser menu, and it will show you HTML. You can now copy all of the text and paste it into Mail Them Pro and send it. Or alternatively you can press File menu -> Save As.. and save it as HTML page

You can open an HTML file in Mail Them Pro. Here is an example of how it may look:


To send HTML e-mail you just need to add your HTML code to the 'Body' tab on the 'Message' page and choose 'Message type' - HTML as you can see on the picture.

Mail Them lets you embed the picture into your letter, so that it is permanently attached to the letter, and can be seen even if the recipient is disconnected from the Internet when it reads the mail.

How to embed pictures using Mail Them Pro

These pictures must be located on your hard drive, and you must attach it to the letter using the Attachments tab. You can refer to these pictures from your HTML code using the cid keyword followed by the colon and the file name (without path). For example:

<img src="cid:mailthem.gif">

In this case the picture will travel with your e-mails.

Note: Sometimes in preview mode you can't see embedded pictures. In this case you need to send a real test email to see results

Important: many modern email clients block external images by default. According to a study by Epsilon Interactive 30% of your recipients don’t even know that images are disabled.Current list of email clients which block images by default: Outlook Express 6, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, AOL, Gmail, Windows Live mail.

Although if you use embedded images - they are not blocked. So we recommend you to use image free HTML or use embedded images.

After your prepared your HTML message you can check how it looks by moving to 'HTML preview' page

Some users prefer text instead of HTML, for this case Mail Them Pro attaches a text part which containts text from your HTML email

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