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Process Them can check your POP 3 mailbox or Outlook Express,Microsoft Outlook folders for emails and then processes them according to the rules you defined.

The programs window devided in 2 parts. On the left you can see a set of account and rules which you defined. The right part is reserved fo the log messages.

All item properties on the left can be found using the right mouse click.

You should start from crating a new account where you'll be able to choose what folder you want to scan and various parameters: scan only new messages, unread messages and if you want to check this new account manually or automatically every several minutes. If you get all email to Inbox folder then you just need to create one account which will be used by all rules.

The second part is creating rules for your tasks. Each rule consist from 3 not mandatory parts

  • Filters - in this part you choose what messages you need. You can filter them by many different parameters: subject, recipient, size or account
  • Processes - this part intended for message anylizing. You can use various conditions to get information you need
  • Actions - using this part you can use information you found: you can save it to a text file, send an email, extract or delete attachments, move, copy or delete the source message.

We created 3 examples to help you

1. Create a new account

2. Extract names and emails from the web form, save them to a text file, and delete message

3. Extract all attachments, remove them from the message and send a confirmation that email with attachments was received