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Example 3: Create a new rule

Let's assume that from time to time we get email from our resellers with subject 'Monthly report' and a report is a file in the attachment. And we want to extract this attachment, save it to a specific folder and delete it from the message. Also we want to send an acknowledgement to our partners that we got their email

Press 'Add rule'. The new rule will be added and we'll be invited to rename it. Let's name it 'Example2'. Now we need to create a new filter to find emails from our resllers. Select 'Filter' under 'Example2' click right mouse button and choose 'Add filter'

We know that all emails we need have a subject line 'Monthly report'. So we'll create 'SUBJECT' filter. Choose 'SUBJECT' and press 'Next'

Enter 'Monthly report' in to the field 'Contains' and press 'Finish'. That's all for filters. Now we should create a processors which will extract sender emails.

Select 'Processors'. Press right mouse button and select 'Add Processor'. Choose 'Message field' - From email.And that's it for processors. Don't change any other fields. Press 'Finish'

Now we need to extract attachments. Choose 'Actions' , press right mouse button and choose 'Add Action', the wizard will show, choose 'Save Attachments' and press next.

Choose a folder to save attachments by pressing the button on the right. And check 'Remove Attachment from Email'. Press 'Finish'

The last action we need is to send an aknowledgement that we got a report. Choose 'Actions' , press right mouse button and choose 'Add Action', the wizard will show, choose 'Send Email' and press next.

Fill out this screen. Into the 'Server' field enter your ISP mail server. Into the 'From' field enter your email. Now select the 'To' field and then press 'Insert Processor' and select the available processor - in our case it's called 'email'. After yyou do it it'll be added to the 'To' field. It'll use a value which will be found by the processor we implemented in the previous step. Because we get reports from many resellers so emails will be different and in this case we use a template. We can use templates in any field on this screen: From, To, Subject or message. Now enter the subject and the message and press 'Finish'

That's it. Our rule is ready