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Example 2: Create a new rule

Let's assume that we have a subscription form on our web site, which is sent by email and eventually comes to our mailbox. Now we'll create a rule which will extract names and emails, save them to a text file, and delete message. The example is shown below

Press 'Add rule'. The new rule will be added and we'll be invited to rename it. Let's name it 'Example1'. Now we need to create a new filter to find email with the data from our web form. Select 'Filter' under 'Example1' click right mouse button and choose ' Add filter'

We know that our web form create a subject line 'My web form'. So we'll create 'SUBJECT' filter. Choose 'SUBJECT' and press 'Next'

Enter My Web Form in to the field 'Contains' and press 'Finish'. That's all for filters. Now we should create a processors which will extract the data.

Select 'Processors'. Press right mouse button and select 'Add Processor'. We know that the data is in the body of the message. So we choose 'Message field' - BODY. Also we know that our data starts after the defined text 'E-Mail              =' and finishes at the end of line. So at the end we get the following window

Now you need to add another processor for finding names. Now you can do it by yourself

The next step is saving the results to a text file. Choose Actions, press right mouse button and choose 'Add Action', the wizard will show, choose 'Write to File' and press next.

On the following screen choose a file name you want to save results and press 'Add All' button to add all available processors. The results will be comma separated.

Press 'Finish' and you're done with this action.

Now we need to delete this message. Choose 'Actions' again, press right mouse button and choose 'Add Action', the wizard will show, choose 'Modify Message' and press next.

At the next screen you should choose an action - in our case 'Delete' and a folder - in our case 'Inbox'

Press 'Finish'. The rule is complete and will be applied when your account is processed.