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Example: Create a new account

If you want process messages only from Inbox folder you just need to create one account like in this example. If you want to process several folders then create an account for each of them. In this example we'll create an account for the Inbox folder

So let's start.

1. Run the program and press 'Add account' button. The 'add' account' wizzard will come up. On the first page you just need to choose the account name and mailbox type. We choose Microsoft Outlook. Then press 'Next'

2. On the next screen you need to locate the folder you want to process. In our case choose 'Inbox' and press 'Next'

3. On the last step we should choose how we want to process this account. Let's check it ever 5 minutes automatically and process only unread messages

Press 'Finish and you're done. Now you have an account in the main program window. If you want to modify, delete or just temporary disable an account press the right mouse button