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Actions are used to perform a specific action with message or with results of its processing. You can write results to a text file or to Access, MS SQL or MySQL databases, send an email using results of processing (it can be used for example, as autoresponder or just to inform about specific email you got). Also using actions you can extract attachment from emails and delete them (delete attachments works with Microsoft Outlook only). And also you can delete message or copy or move them between folders (copy and move functions work only for Microsoft Outlook).

Actions are executed one by one in the order of their listing.

To add action: Select 'Actions', press right mouse button and select 'Add Action'. After action is created you can always edit it by double clicking on it or selecting it and using right mouse button and selecting 'Properties'. To delete action select it, press right mouse button and choose 'Delete Action'

The wizard will show up

On the first page you can select what type of action you want. The available values are:

Write to File - saves results to a text file

Write to Database - saves results to a database - Access, MS SQL or MySQL

Save attachments - extracts attachments from emails and optionally delete attachments

Send email - using results of processing

Modify message - Delete, Copy or Move a message to a different folder

On the next page you can specify settings for the action you have chosen

Write to file - on this page you should specify a file where you want to write information from processors and if you want to overwrite it (it will be overwritten each time the rule is processed, so use it carefully). And also you need to choose what processors you want to save and in what order). You can see at the bottom of the screen how it will be presented in the file

Write to Database -
on the first page you are invited to choose a Database - Access, MS SQL, MySQL

On the next screen you should choose server (for MS SQL and MySQL), database and optionally enter username and/or password. After that press 'Get tables' to get all available table from the chosen database and then select a desired table and press 'Get fields'. On the bottom of the screen you will be presented all fields, their type and also additional column for processors. Just click on that field row in the processor column and you'll be able to chose a processor you want to have in this field

Save attachments - you just need to choose a folder where you want to save all extracted attachments. Optionally you can delete those attachments from messages saving space in your message files (works only in Microsoft Outlook). The software doesn't overwrite attachments with the same names, instead of that it add a digit to each new attachment with identical names -for example, test.txt, test.txt(1), test.txt(2) etc.

Send email - use this action to send emails using results of processing. You can enter processors to 'Message', 'Subject', 'To' and 'From' fields. To do it just put the cursor where you want to insert a processor, press 'Insert Processor' button and choose from available processors. This action can be used as autoresponder too.

Modify message- using this action you can delete, copy or move messages between folders (copy and move functions work only in Microsoft Outlook)