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Conditional statements

By pressing 'Insert Condition' button on the 'Message' page you can insert a conditional statement. You can put it to the plain or html part and also to the subject line. Just put the cursor to the desired place where you want to place your condition before pressing 'Insert Condition' button

you can compare any column against the text value you want and there is 4 options you can choose to compare - if a column contains, doesn't contain, Starts with or Ends with

After you defined your condition press OK. And a conditional statement will be inserted

The condition will look like

!IF {EMAIL} {Contains} {hotmail} THEN=!



It will be empty at this point. So you need to insert something you want to appear in your email after THEN=! if our comparison is true and after !=ELSE=! if it's false.

It's not mandatory to fill both sections. You can put something just to one of them. And if you want you can also insert Tags in to the statement like it's shown in our example.


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