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How to avoid bulk email and trash folders

Today most of mass mail including completely legitimate newsletters end their lives in bulk email folders never read or even deleted on Internet Providers mail server and never reach recipients mailbox. What can be done to avoid it?

Mail Them Pro has integrated 'Spam Check' function. It checks the email content you prepared in Mail Them Pro against the most popular server based anti spam filter Spamassassin. This filter is used by many Internet Providers and email, which can't pass through it, automatically deleted never reaching your recipient

To check your email you need to prepare your email, including subject, body, email type and 'Personal information' on the 'options' page. You need to enter also one email address. Email won't be sent to this address but it must be valid to get correct results.

After you're ready just press 'Spam Check' button. Mail Them Pro will emulate mailing process (no email will be sent). You will get confirmation message that mailing is over. And in 5-10 seconds you will get the result which includes overall spam score and details which you can use to improve your email. Don not press any buttons till you get results

The results window gives you an overall score and describes in details why you got those points. So you will know what you need to change in your email to pass the filter

Spam Check function uses a default Spamassassin configuration but we lowered spam score to 3.5. The default Spamassassin score is 5.0. But we recommend you to be within 3.5 because you can get additional points for online tests which will be performed against your email

We can not reproduce those online test here - they include such tests like a route which was used to deliver your email and can be performed only when your email is delivered

To successfully pass online tests we recommend you to obtain a fixed IP address from your Internet Provider if you use 'direct delivery' function. It significantly improves your chances to pass them. If your list is not very big and your Internet Provider allows you to mail through them - instead of obtaining fixed IP you can use 'Personal Copy' and mail through your ISP.

Another important step to avoid bulk email folders is to make your emails personal - use 'Tags' on the messages page to do that. Personal emails create really good impression when are being read by your recipients and it helps you to achieve your task. And because each email is personal that means all emails are different so anti spam filters have less chances to think your email is spam.

And the most important - always ask your recipients to add you to their white lists. And if you have any contacts to Internet or Email Providers - ask to be added to their white lists too.

We hope Spam Check function and our other recommendations will significantly improve your success and bulk email folder will be just a rare disappointment for you and your recipients.




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